Furibee X140 – First Impressions, Unboxing and Set Up

Furibee X140 – First Impressions, Unboxing and Set Up

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Furibee X140 https://goo.gl/YU3B1M

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Gearbest provided me this quad for a review. Gearbest web page is: https://goo.gl/qm8y9d

Category coupon: “RC18OFF” / 18% OFF for http://www.gearbest.com/remote-control-toys-c_12018/
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My Approach to Quad Review videos:
My review videos will give you an user experience from opening the box to setting up and testing the quad. It is indepth but necessary on the technical side (physical to electronics and flight characteristics) to show you what you can get out of it and as a video instructions manual if you get the quad; it is not my personal opinion or expectation or comparison. Hopefully this gives you more info for your hobby.

The pros and cons are discussed in the videos and I will not list them in the description but I will give you a summary of the findings in the description. I will not hype a quad or talk about possible modifications to give it maximum performance or criticise it based on my own expectations; as every quad will need to be judged on its own set up and flight characteristics and can never be the same with other quads: in other words, Does it fly as is should based on its components and set up? What is the user experience?

Review Videos in Parts
Review + Unboxing + Set Up instructions

Note: If a quad flies well LOS, it will fly well FPV provided there is no issues with the FPV vtx and camera. Therefore, Indoor flight test is sufficient to test the flight characteristics of the quad. If weather permits, outdoor flight tests will be conducted. Further, other user experience videos may be made. There will be video playlist set up for each quad.


Brand: Furibee
Model: X140
Dimension: 140mm | 124 g
Material: 3k Carbon Fibre 4mm thick
Mass: 124 g
FC: F3 | Betaflight OMNIBUS 3.1.7
ESC: 20A X4 | BLHeli-S | up to 5S
Motor: Brushless | 1306 | 3100kV
Camera: 600tvl |CCD | 130 FOV
Vtx: 40CH | 25/150mW switchable
RX: Frsky | FlySky | SBUS
Prop: 3030 | 4 Blade
Where You Can Purchase: GearBest
Cost: $115

The benefits of FURIBEE X140 The downsides of FURIBEE X140
Economical considering the specification Top carbon plate could be lower/more streamlined
Solidly built, exchangeable carbon arms Doesn’t contain battery, 4s 850mAh works well
Includes FrSky XM receiver, great range Shame that the underside bolts are not flush/recessed
Quality CCD camera, inspite of being a clone
Comes with buzzer, OSD and Led lights
Efficient motors/ESCs with superb flight time frame