Fitness Wristband Manufacturers Located in Shenzhen

Fitness Wristband Manufacturers Located in Shenzhen

Fitness Wristband Manufacturers Located in Shenzhen – ThinkRace Technology

ThinkRace Technology was created in the year 2006 with the aim of designing and manufacturing high-quality gadgets, for example, GPS trackers, GPS watches, Pet Tracker, Car GPS Tracker and for providing revolutionary safety and fitness monitoring devices using wireless communications technologies. Our creators were from top-level telecommunication corporations including Huawei, Lenovo, CoolPad etc. Depending on their past experience, we centered on providing high-end products at a lower priced selling price, while maintaining the overall quality and performance.

During the first 3 years, the firm introduced a range of products, varying from GPS trackers to white-label tracker band producer, from Pet trackers to GPS watches and also other gadgets products for safety and communication purposes.

ThinkRace has co-operated with a lot of customers (G4S, Orange, Viettel, China Unicom, and the like.) on location tracking and communication projects. Thinkrace’s development model is founded upon being one step before the market, lingering innovation and increasing customer satisfaction. We now have evolved into a market head with devices purchased in around 50 nations. We have sub-branches in Canada, India, Netherlands and Indonesia to offer products and services to our intercontinental customers.

Based on the very good result and reviews received from both our distributors and users, we keep on developing software for safety tracking and communication items. We are constructing a system for all of our products, for instance, fleet management system, family safety system for safeguarding kids, elders, and your animals. We are supplying ultra-reliable security tracking services through 8,000,000 devices in a high scale system by utilizing AWS cloud.

ThinkRace team is not going to give up, we’re maintaining the fervour on building up new products to make it simple for household safety and fitness.

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Location: 2108, 1F, Building B, GuoRen Communication Building, No.5 Science and Technology 3rd Rd, High tech Park District, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China
Telphone: +86-13602585716