MOKOSmart Ltd – PCB Board and Custom NRF52832 Bluetooth LE Module Maker From Shenzhen

MOKOSmart Ltd – PCB Board and Custom NRF52832 Bluetooth LE Module Maker From Shenzhen

MOKOSmart Ltd – PCB Board and Custom NRF52832 Bluetooth LE Module Maker From Shenzhen

Shenzhen MOKOSmart Technologies Limited

Established in 2003, MOKOSmart is a proficient vendor of Custom Fitness Wristband and PCB. Our company is focused on EMS (electronics manufacturing support) for pretty much 15-year consisting of PCB Design & Layout, Circuit Board Manufacturing, PCB Board Assembly, PCBA Prototype, PCBA Test, Electronic Component Sourcing and Manufacturing for kinds of smart electronic manufacturing like, perimeter beacons, and many others.

Circuit Board Design & Layout
You show us a schematic, we demonstrate to you a circuit board, even you give us an example, we make it be realized. MOKOSmart has a skilled expert team to design your printed circuit board solutions regardless if it is big or small. With pro software and abilities by the standard of industrial first-rate level, we are determined to one of the best quality Circuit Card producers.

Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing (Circuit Board FAB)
As being a sophisticated Electronic Circuit Board manufacturer in China started in 2003, until now we have produced a myriad of Printed Circuit Boards including FR4, FR1, CEM1, FPC, Metal Core Circuit Board and Rogers Printed Circuit Board, and many others. With the benefit of material and component buying channels, we have the ability of fast Printed Circuit Board prototype –48 hrs after purchase confirmation.

MOKOSmart Limited provides you with one-stop Circuit Board assembly services for electronics manufacturing, from parts buying, Printed Circuit Board manufacturing, SMT, DIP, Circuit Card assembly to finished-product assembly. With the virtue of huge-scale acquiring (of IC, resistances, capacitance, inductance, diode and audion, and so forth..) and quality-first sense, we contract with the excellent part suppliers from China and aboard to make long-term partnership, this guarantees high quality and dependable supply, aiming at shifting the benefit to our clientele. We have been working together with the clientele from America, Germany, Russia, Yemen, UAE, Japan, Spain, France, Italy, Israel, Iran, India, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, and so on.

SMT Assembly Production line
Nowadays we have 8 SMT Lines and 3 DIP Lines to execute PCB Board assembly. The accuracy and reliability of chip positioning is around +0.1MM, revealing we have pro skills in making lots of printed integrated circuit boards like for example SO, SOP, SOJ, TSOP, TSSOP, QFP, BGA and U-BGA with surface-mount technology (SMT), thru-hole technology (THT) and mixed technology components.

DIP Assembly Production line
MOKOSmart has 3 DIP processing lines, certified working platforms and carriers, which ensures a yield of 1,500,000 pcs a day. For every process, technical and standard operation procedures are made to follow, with strict KPI, this makes sure of 99.8% of pass for each PCBA. Minimize our rejects, bring about more value for clientele.

With ISO9001, SGS, CE, FCC, ROHS, UL and MSDS certified, we are featuring one-stop Circuit Card Assembly solutions for some reputable OEM customers who give full attention to marketing and designing in the industries of consumer electronics, security control, industrial automation, health care & wellness, counter equipment etcetera, on top of that, also making a variety of modules such as tracker bands, WiFi / Bluetooth Low Energy modules, smart plugs and marketing beacons.

100% fulfillment is our goal to create for our clients and business partners, which is helping us develop win-win enterprize model and grow with our buyers. With your help, we’ll be one of the top Chinese Circuit Card & PCBA vendors.

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Location: 4F, Building No.2, Guanghui Science Park, MinQing Road, Longhua District, Shenzhen City, China Zip Code: 518109
Manufacturing Facility Address: BLD No.1 3F, Shenlan Industrial Park, #240 Fuqian RD, Guanlan, Longhua District, Shenzhen, 518110


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